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How is the rise of the Metaverse going to affect work? How is it going to affect school? What even is the Metaverse?

A huge portion of the population found themselves asking these questions recently. Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood said the metaverse is “a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity” and Facebook notably changed their name to Meta. Yet, most people remain uninformed.

We noticed that there was no way for the average college student, investor, or enterprising person to access easy-to-read and informative information about the future of the internet - so we created MetaNow News.

Every weekday we recap 2 to 3 of the biggest stories from the day, crypto prices, metaverse stock prices, and a few bullet points to keep on your radar. The best part is, it is free, automatically delivered to your inbox, and only takes 3 minutes to read.

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The Metaverse is Now, Be Early

Blockchain and web3 shouldn't be the Wild West. Take a few minutes out of your day to stay educated and informed about crypto, NFTs, and more. Easy-to-read, informative, and concise information about the future of the internet.
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